Month of August

While the kiddies are getting ready to go back to school I thought I would get a head start.

During the month of August I decided to take a online self-publishing class. I can’t wait to sit in the front row.  (Because I catch see the chalk board from the back of the room).

Self-publishing, I believe will allow my author life grow and flourish.

Putting a virtual apple in my purse for the teacher, and off I go.   🙂

Birthday Weekend

Today  July 12th… my SUPER FRIDAY!!!

Going to sunny California for my B day.  Have reservations to stay at the beautiful B & B right on Newport Beach.  It’s my wine, dine, sightseeing, and relax weekend. I will be substituting Mimosa’s for birthday cake (I hear cake makes you fat!)

Oh!! And the getting older thing.  I’m not doing that either. 🙂


My First Week @ Camp

First week at camp didn’t go like I wanted.  I only wrote around 3000 + words. I had hoped to make more progress.  Gage (my hero) and Cheyenne (my heroine) have met, and their showing a little of what each of them is made of. I’ve set the novella in Alaska, because I wanted a Kodiak Bear. Thought they’d be viewed as fierce and have more sex appeal. Kodiak Bear’s are the largest bears in the world. But, I’ve never been to Alaska, so writing the setting and trying to put the reader into the story is slowing me down. Might move the story to Montana, since I’ve been there and change  to a Grizzly Bear shifter.  Who knows, that’s why first drafts change. It will all come out in the edits. 🙂


Getting ready for Camp. It starts this Saturday, July 1st.  Not packed yet, but since I’m going to a virtual camp I don’t need much.  The plan is to write 25,000 word in the month of July, which is going to be tough for me.

Why? Well, my B day is in July, so is my son’s, my granddaughter, and my mother-in-law’s.  It is going to be really hard typing with sticky birthday cake frosting on my fingers.   🙂