Did Something Crazy

As of last month, I retired from my day job.

Writing full-time now, so I better get cracking.

This month I am taking a online course about creating a business plan (should have probably taken this course 1st ūüôā )¬† I’m learning a lot and getting a better focus on my writing career and goals.

Along with writing, and editing my completed 70,000 word contemporary in hopes to get it out end of this year, or first part of 2019, I plan on keeping up with this blog, my website, twitter, and facebook.¬† I have to say working 9-5 I can’t remember being this hard.

Wish my luck, and will post more later.




Headed up to Mt Charleston this weekend for my chapter’s 1st writer’s retreat.

Our featured speaker is Rebecca Zanetti, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

I know I’m going to learn a lot.¬†¬†Meet other romance writers-share war stories, and hopefully make¬†new friends in the romance writing community.

If it snows maybe we’ll have a team building snowman making event. As we create our snowmen we can create a love story to go with them.

Debut Authors

Today I received my January 2018 Romance Writers Report, and my name is the fourth one down on the list of debut authors.

What a thrill.

Going to frame page 32 of the RWR and whenever I think I can’t do this I will look at that framed picture and believe YES I CAN.

Very proud moment for me.


Things I hope to accomplish in 2018

Some people say write down your goals, some people¬†say¬†just do it.¬† (I’m not¬†much of an athlete,¬†the Nike-just do it, is not for¬†me)

What I hope to do in 2018.

1-Edit my 65,000 word contemporary and find it a home.

2-Finish¬†the¬†2nd contemporary I’ve been¬†hashing around in my head for¬†a couple of years.

3-Take for classes on craft, marketing, and network.

4-Most of all…keep my butt in the chair. ūüôā



Vegas Valley Book Festival

LVRWA- Las Vegas Romance Writers of America. An organization which I’m a proud member. We had a booth at the book festival last Saturday, October 21st 2017.¬† Our chapter¬†gave away FREE romance books by several authors including¬†authors from our own chapter.

I got to autograph some advance copies of¬†‘Love for the Holidays’ which is releasing November 3rd 2017. Let me say it was an amazing experience for me. This is my first published work, and the feeling of accomplishment is hard to describe.

If you’re a local, or even an out-of-towner that loves books – it is a must to attend. They¬† schedule as an¬†all day event on a¬†Saturday during the month of¬†October each year. ¬†There are author panels, food, drinks, and books books, books in every genre .

See you there next year.

A Sad Day for the City of Las Vegas

This morning we woke up to the tragic news of a mass shooting on the Vegas Strip.

Most of us worked today in shock.  It will take days, weeks, and in some cases months to find some answers for this senseless act.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those having friends and loved ones affected by this tragedy.

Thanks to the¬†unknown hero’s who had¬†no regard for their own safety while¬†they rescued¬†so many people they did not even know.

America Strong.

Las Vegas Strong.

Cruising the Gulf and Beyond

It’s Bon Voyage to me!!!¬†¬† Carnival and Royal Caribbean will be my home for the next few weeks.

Got my laptop, sunblock, and ten pairs of shoes (a gal can never have too many shoes when traveling)¬† I’m off to explore¬†Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel,¬†Nassau, and¬† Freeport…OH MY!!

Hurricane Irma has¬†changed our itinerary, but she hasn’t dampened our spirits. In fact, that feisty storm whipped up a¬†plot idea for a paranormal romance.

Crystal blue ocean waters, amazing sunsets and sunrises await.